Aliens to Notify their Change of Address in a Province TM28

Change of Registered Address

According to section 37 of the 1979 Immigration Act a foreigner living in Thailand must notify the Immigration if changing address in the Kingdom.

Filing the TM28 Notification:

  • The TM28 Form
  • Passport
  • Copy of passport photo page
  • Copy of the visa page in the passport
  • Copy of the departure card (TM6) if any (or write down the number on the copy of your passport)
  • Copy and original of your house/condo lease with your name on it (signed and dated by you) or your (title) deed if living at your on property (condo)
  • Copy of the owner’s blue (or yellow) house book with the address of where you’re staying (signed by the owner)
TM28 Form (PDF) TM28 Form (Word)

Easement of TM28

Until some years ago, the TM28 was never implemented. And the TM30 was only enforced on hotels, guest houses, etc. But then suddenly TM30 was enforsed for any private houselord as well, and the TM28 was enforced towards foreigners on a long-term stay in Thailand, meaning every (long-staying) foreigner had to notify the Immigration every time he or she left his permanent house for more than 24 hours.

Phuket Immigration explains TM30 and TM28 requirements (2019)

Luckily, the Thai Government soon changed mind (2020) and eased the TM28 implementation to exempt close to all foreigners staying in Thailand, i.e. in reality suspending the TM28. .

Thai immigration scraps TM28 reporting requirements (2020)

It is a common misconception that the TM28 ever targeted tourists staying at private homes. The TM28 was never enforced on tourist but only on Non Immigrants with a "registered address".

TM28 & 90-Day Reporting of Address

The 90-Day Notification of Address TM47 and Notification of Change of Address in a Province TM28 are related. While the 90-Day Notification happens every 90 day, then the TM28 is for notification of short-term changes of address. Anyway, the TM28 is rarely relevant any longer to anyone.

90-Day Reporting

The TM28 Form


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