90-Day Reporting

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Foreigners staying for more than 90 days

Foreigners staying in Thailand for more than 90 days without leaving must report/confirm current address to the Immigration.

The TM47 reporting must be done between 14 days before and 7 dages after the date on the receipt from last reporting or entry stamp.

The reporting can be done by either one of:

  • Paper form
    • At Immigration
    • By registered Mail
  • Online

Paper form

The paper based reporting can be done by either one of:

  • In person at Immigration
  • Registeret mail

Requirements for paper based reporting:

  • Filled in TM47 form
  • Passport
  • Latest TM47 receipt (unless no reporting since last entry into Thailand)
TM47 Form (PDF) TM47 Form (Word)


The reporting can be done Online at:

90-Day Online Reporting

You will need:

  • Your Passport
    • Passport No.
    • Latest Arrival Date
  • Departure Card TM6 (if any)
  • Full Address in Thailand
Official Guide to TM47 reporting.


Whether the reporting is done by paper or online an receipt will be returned upon approval.

In the event of the application being refused online, an email will be received asking the applicant to contact the local Immigration in person immediately.

Visa, entry stamp and 90-Day Reporting

Most visas to Thailand will allow you to stay no longer than 90 days without leaving and eventually re-entering. If staying longer than 90 days most such visas will require you to do the 90-Day reporting. In many cases, even alloved to stay longer than 90 days (in one row), the entry stamp will still only allow you to stay for 90 days. This way the 90-Day Reporting will extend your stay in Thailand even it is not extending your visa.

It might seem a little confusing. Let us say you are having a Non-O Marriage Visa being extended for 1 year. This will have an expiry date allowing you to stay in Thailand until that date. However, when entering Thailand your entry stamp will only grant you the stay permit for 90 days from arrival. But you do not have to leave Thailand in 90 days. Instead you need to do a 90-Day Reporting. If you are actually leaving Thailand within the 90 days, it will "reset" your date for 90-Day Reporting.

Some immigrations will align the visa expiry date and your 90-Day Reporting meaning that the "last" 90-Day reporting within an extension will only grant you a new stay permit till the expiry date of your visa. Other immigrations consider the expiry date of your visa and the date for the next 90-Day Reporting as unaligned having their own life cycles. Anyway, even the 90-Day Reporting is extending your "stay permit", you are not on an "overstay" even overstaying the date for the 90-Day Reporting as long as you are within the limits of your allowed stay outlined by your visa extension.

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