Residence Certificate

Confirmation of Address from Immigration

Where to get a Residence Certificate?

You will get the Residence Certificate at your local Immigration


Before you apply for your Residence Certificate at Thai Immiration, you will need to make sure you have each of these documents on hand:

  1. Application Form
  2. Passport
    • Original
    • Copy of your passport’s photo page
    • Copy of your visa (if applicable)
  3. Copy of your Arrival-Departure Card TM6 - if any
  4. Copy of your Receipt of Address Notification (90-Day) TM47
  5. Copy of your lease or yellow house book with your name and address
  6. Two passport-size photos
Your Passport
Copy of applicant’s passport's photo page
Copy of Lease Agreement

You should sign all copies in blue ink across the image, not on a blank part of the document. If you sign a blank part of the document someone could cut away your signature and use the rest of the document elsewhere.

Application Form Residence Certificate



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